LG Maxi 400 4 Burner Table Top Gas Cooker

Key Features
  • 4 gas burners
  • Table top gas cooker
  • No batteries required
  • Stainless white body
  • Gas efficient
  • Easy to use

This 4 Burners Gas Cooker is must have for your kitchen whether you are entertaining or cooking for your family, the Maxi OC-400 will perfectly fit the bill especially when you live an area where every second spent with electricity on costs a lot of bucks. It’s sleek and stylish design will blend beautifully with your modern kitchen decor. Comes with 4 gas burners.This beautifully designed 4 Burners Gas Cooker Maxi OC-400 is made from refined stainless material that gives the gas cooker it elegant look, brilliant quality and long lasting durability. This sleek Maxi OC-400 is a must have quadruple burner gas stove for the family, bachelor, hotel, guest house/lodge. This beautiful 4 Burners Gas Cooker gives you the elegance, stylish, portability and power in the same stove, and is perfect for camping, hunting or just as another cooking option on your back courtyard.