Herostar Water Dispenser – HWD-1501S (Silver)

Hot water child-lock.
Heating Capacity of 550W
Hot Water 5Litres/hour
Cold Water 1.5Litre/hour
Indicator lights
Anti rust coated condenser


HeroStar Water Dispenser is a dispenser machine specially manufactured for tropical regions like Nigeria. It is suitable for bottle of 3 or 5 gallons and works under environment with temperature range of 10 to 30 degree Celsius, and a relative humidity not higher than 90%.

It is basically built to satisfy the need of making tea, coffee and cold drinks. It is suitable for both home, office and public use. It uses the Thermal Isolation Technology and can minimize thermal exchange between hot and cold water. It adopts unique paper cup convenient and Popular single tap design and has a convenient storage cabinet/refrigerator.

It is designed for fast cooling and heating but is not suitable for use in extremely hot environment or under direct sunshine.