F&D Bluetooth Multimedia TV Speaker 2.1 – T200X

– 2″ full range driver and 8″ subwoofer driver
– Sleek soundbar fits discreetly under your flat panel TV
– Two slim satellites can work separately or combine together to a soundbar
– Innovative automatic multi-color LED on subwoofer
– Crystal clear sound and heart thumping bass
– Bluetooth 4.0 version
– Bluetooth operation range works at up to 15 meters
– Plug & play USB/SD card reader
– USB reader supporting MP3/WMA dual formats decoding
– Uninterrupted digital FM works on PLL technology
– FM storage for up to 100 stations
– Bright white LED display with a clear view angle
– Wireless Play your desired song & FM station directly with numeric keys on the remote


The F&D T200X Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar with Sub Woofer will take your entertainment to a new level.

The 20.32 subwoofer complements the 5.08 cm full range driver to generate crystal clear sound with heart thumping bass.

This home theatre system features Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity that allows you to play songs from your smartphone and tablet.

You can play your favourite song from SD card using the provided USB card reader.