Polystar Split 1.5HP Air Conditioner – PV-C12AK


Key Features
  • 1.5hp
  • White in colour
  • Remote controlled
  • 40% Faster Cooling
  • Low Voltage
  • Gas Type: R22 (eco-friendly)

Get the best of Polystar Split Unit Air Conditioner and enjoy maximum relaxation in a cool and refreshed environment that offers you a better place to live and work without stress. The air conditioner comes with latest innovation and in silver colour with efficiency and durability for your home, office or small scale business place to make everyone comfortable. The electrical device is designed to offer you cool air which keeps you active and refreshed all through the day while working in the office or at home. The Polystar air conditioner cools your body system at a very high speed after a hard day of sweating and comes with features that give you the satisfaction you deserve. The split unit air conditioner features 40 percent of faster cooling with low voltage which offers you continuous cooling when the main power is low therefore you do not need to worry about the insufficiency of unstable and high voltage. Rely on the capacity of the 1.5HP as it gives you powerful cooling from the designed motor and resonator during extreme hot weather. The unique split air conditioner comes with numerous incredible features that makes it stand out from its kind and offer you maximum coolness to make your life extremely refreshed.