LG 5 Kg Manual Top Loader Washing Machine Semi Auto


  • ​3 washing programs
  • 3 dimension washing system
  • Reduce clothes tangling
  • Roller jet
  • Lint filter & overflow filter

Discover LG Manual Top Loader Washing Machine on Jumia that delivers amazing performance when it comes to dirty laundry. Its simple cool style lets you be in control of the whole operation with space that makes it possible for you to put in some number of clothes and easy to fix and operate manually. It offers you three washingprograms that is gentle on underwear, normal for shirts and tough on jeans but appropriate for all fabrics. The water selector lets you switch from the washing to thespinning tub easily without the water spilling on the floor thanks to the overflow filter facility. The LG top loader washing machine tackles all stubborn stains effectively to make it perfectly clean for you to the hit the streets looking suave and classy.

Switch to let water flow into either the washing tub or the spinning tub easily by using the handy Water Selector.