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To be Nigeria’s most reliable source of Electrical Appliances!



To be the topmost home appliances company in Nigeria driven by quality, professionalism and service.



Talents & Personal Development:

Smartek Appliances Limited takes human development seriously and regard this as a cardinal focus in its growth objectives. It devotes significant time and resources in developing the talents within its workforce.

Performance Management:

It implements a strategic Performance Management System (PMS) where employees reward is strictly based on performance and output. Management has developed Key Performance indicators (KPI) based on quantitative and attitude based indices.

Targets and Goals:

Smartek Appliances Limited runs a non sentimental, open and transparent system where set targets and goals are the basis of appraisal. This creates healthy inter units and divisional competitions that enhance performance.



1. Premium:
It is all about superiority in the quality of our products, services, relationship, value we create and solutions we provide.

2. Professionalism:
We are passionate in all we do. We are proud of our jobs, products, company, colleagues. It shows in how we handle things, our communications, responses, presentations etc. You cannot but accept and respect us.

3. Discipline:
We do not compromise standards that we set for ourselves. We are guided by our rules and not based on any other considerations.

4. Integrity:

We stay onto our words, because we know we are authentic no matter the challenge.



Smartek Appliances Limited is in partnership with highly reputable companies and corporate brands. Among the key partners are PZ Cussons PLC, owners of Haier Thermocool brand, Fouani Nigeria Limited, Somotex Nigeria Limited marketers of Midea and Tamashi brands, Dajcom Limited, marketers of Samsung and Chigo brands and Fareast Merchantile Limited, marketers of Scanfrost and Ignis brands.

Apart from these partners, Smartek also has technical support partnership and business co operation agreements with Sanding Powers Corporations, China, Echo Port International Limited Hong Kong, Kebo International Limited and Jinhuali Electrical Appliances Limited.

Smartek has a large size of channel members, dealers and associates spread across Nigeria. It has a logistic network and effective representatives in all the 6 Geo political zones of Nigeria.